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Business Broadband

Fast, Reliable, Fibre Internet

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Power your business with a reliable, affordable connection.

Digicel Broadband solutions can be used by every type of business. Our Broadband Service is used as the main Internet  connections for smaller organizations, or as a back-up connection for larger organizations to ensure their businesses remain connected.



Give Your Business The Competitive Edge

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Cost Savings

Manage costs by paying for the bandwidth you need, anchored by fully owned networks in 25 countries, connected by extensive and diverse subsea cables.



Digicel connects businesses to anywhere globally with speeds from 500Mbps to over 1Gbps.



Outsourcing end to end management to Digicel’s technical experts, allows headroom for your IT staff to focus on innovative thinking to drive your business forward.




Get download speeds up to 1000 Mbps depending on your needs.


Cost Control

Handle all of today's data-intensive apps with easy, cost-effective connectivity.


Personalized Support

Access 24/7 customer service from our dedicated support teams.

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