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Cloud PBX

Freedom from Costly, Inflexible Infrastructure.


Our powerful Cloud PBX solution can reshape how your business communicates, while keeping costs low.

Cloud PBX from Digicel Business gives you all the call handling features of a traditional property-based PBX system, with the added benefits of integrated communications across multiple offices or mobile devices.

It allows extension to extension and calling into and out of organizations using a PBX that is cloud hosted. The merging of data communications networks with existing voice networks creates a single platform for effective communication is known as Unified Communications (UC).

Organizations that have aged PBX or telephony infrastructure, distributed locations and even new businesses can find the ease of a Cloud PBX solution useful to their business. 

Why Choose Cloud PBX


Cost Savings

Manage costs and reduce Total Cost of Ownership with predictable monthly charges and reduced communication expenses with little to no upfront costs. 



Hardware replacement for Digicel- provided hardware for the duration of the contract. 


Managed Solutions

Drive cost efficiencies by outsourcing end to end management to Digicel’s technical expert s, allowing in-house IT staff to focus on business.


Service Guarantee

99.99% site availability is delivered through centralised managed service team, using proactive alarms.


Scalability & Survivability

Solutions can meet rapid growth demands while still providing redundancy in the event of link failure.


Improve Agility

Enhance your agility and responsiveness to your customers needs. 



Provider Agnostic

Based on location and business size, any provider’s Broadband service can be used.


PBX Features

Includes PBX features such as Hunt Groups, Voicemail and Automated Attendant to ensure each call is received


Call Account & Recording

Call Accounting and Call Recording available for quality assurance purposes.


HD Voice

High Definition voice provides clarity and reliability of communication. 

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