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Digicel’s colocation is a solution which allows you to rent space in a data-centre for your servers and other computing hardware to be placed. These facilities have been audited for reliability. Any medium or large organization can avail of our highly secure facility, as it is immune to natural disasters with always-on power, and is fitted with a rich set of diverse local and  international communications services. 

Why Use Colocation?


Only Pay For What You Use

Digicel’s BC portfolio is based on a pay for what you use pricing scheme. This enables you to access resources when you need them.


Deploy Apps Quickly

Companies can quickly deploy apps in the cloud, whether they operate privately, or use public cloud services.


Scale Solutions Easily

Ability to easily scale solutions based on customer needs and this can be done manually or automatically in line with the demands of the organization. 


Automatic Updates

Updates are carried out automatically and in real-time so that your infrastructure and apps are always ready.  


Consistent Platform

Azure facilitates easy mobility and a reliable, consistent platform between on-premise and public Cloud.


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Colocation Space

Colocation offers space for IT hardware including racks, cabinets and cable trays for equipment.



Physical security including on-site guards, 24x7x365 surveillance and biometric authorization.


Back up & Redundancy

Backup generators provide a level of redundancy and additional battery backup systems or uninterruptible power supplies, can be catered for if needed.  


Cooling Systems

Cooling systems to protect your hardware, including redundant heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and chiller configurations.

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